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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Pawn or Sell Your Items for Cash Now. If you live in Clinton, Rock Island, or Galesburg Pawn Central is here to serve you.

“Life happens.” All of us need some extra cash every now and again. No one enjoys being without, having to have uncomfortable conversations with friends and family about the lending of money. We exist so you do not have to go through that experience. At Pawn Central, you can pawn or sell your valuable items and get the cash you need, now.

We are here to help you pay your bills or go on that family vacation you’ve been planning for. You are in Luck with Pawn Central; “our pawn shop makes life a little easier.”

All of Our Unique Locations throughout are happy to offer you two options;

  • Option: I.

We will buy anything of value from $5 to $100,000. That means Instant Cash for you!

  • Option: II.

You do not have to sell your items to us. We will Instantly Loan you Cash on your items! No credit Check needed. Extended hold periods available.

“All Loans are insured by Pawn Central”

Cell Phone and Tablet Repair
Local Cell Phone Repair
Low Competitive Pricing!
Call Us For A FREE Estimate!


Samsung Repair

Other repairs may be available upon request. Free estimates, no appointment necessary, and the majority of parts are in stock. A deposit of $30 - $50 may be required if a part must be special ordered. All repairs performed by a Qualified Cellular Technician with 22 Years Experience. Additional time may be required. Most repairs take 1 - 3 Hours. Additional time may be required.

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